Matheus is 13 years old and was diagnosed with BRS in 2017. New York City is his home. This is a little bit of his story, as told by Matheus’ mother, Jacqueline.

“It has been a long journey to get here: innumerable exams, countless therapies, and the most diverse list of uncertainties. Early on we realized that Matheus was not developing as expected. He was diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive’, severe reflux, and hypotonia, so we began the first of many series of treatments at two months of age. Over the years we’ve had physical, speech, occupational, aquatic, and equine therapies. With each exam came increased expectation and the inevitable process of more trials and errors. Doctors and therapists were always trying to find ways to improve Matheus's quality of life without knowing exactly the origin of the global developmental delays, persistent crying, sudden dehydration, sensory disorders, and ever-below-average growth.