Leo’s Lighthouse
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Leo’s Lighthouse First Annual Golf Benefit 2019

Thanks for your interest in attending!  This is the first annual Leo's Lighthouse Foundation Golf Tournament, hosted by Bob Conrad, John Moscrip, and Scott Morrison.  After discovering that Scott's youngest son, Leo, was diagnosed with the ultra-rare syndrome, the three great friends and alumni on the UW Golf Team from 91-97', decided to gather family, friends, and alumni to support pediatric research with an incredible day of golf.  Lunch, cocktails, and dinner are included.  There will be a number of games throughout the day, a raffle, and members of the UW Golf Team will be on hand to hit drives, hit mulligans, etc.  The proceeds from each ticket sold will fund pediatric rare disease research, therapies, and family support programs.

You can purchase tax-deductible tickets at:


If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll get in touch shortly!

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